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Simulation, forecasting and planning

Based on a model to measure business drivers, build simulations and forecasts to optimally plan the use of marketing activities

The goal: predict future sales

Forecasting future sales in different scenarios is the core need in all planning and optimsation situations

High level planning

Having measured the impact of the main business drivers, it is easy to create optimisation scenarios by moving investments from less efficient to more efficient activities. Typically, this then takes the form of high level scenarios, e.g.

  • increase price in product line X by 10%
  • run Y promotions less per year
  • increase communication in channel Z

Granular planning

It is also possible to evaluate very granular scenarios , e.g.

  • the detailed media plans for next year,
  • the list of planned sales activities
  • the projected price development

Note: It is best to understand the concrete planning and simulation needs already when setting up the business driver model.

Apply the model

Since the effect of each driver has been measured in the model, it is now possible to calculate the effect of the scenarios, including how much of the forecasted volume is due to each activity.

About me

I am a consultant and project manager in marketing and business analytics. Having worked in the area for more than 15 years and having led the Data Science and Analytics teams at IRI Germany from 2009 to 2016, I am now again working as an independent consultant focusing on applications of Big Data and AI in marketing.

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